Richie Hawtin – Concept The Complete 12 Box Set

December 18, 2007

Richie Hawtin – Concept The Complete 12 Box Set

Hawtin’s 1996 minimal series ‘Concept 1’ gets a re-release this month backed by a second CD of Thomas Brinkmann remixes.

‘Concept 1’ was twenty four tracks originally released on twelve 12″ singles back in 1996. The series was compiled onto CD in 1998, alongside a remix version ‘Concept 1 96:VR’, created by Cologne producer Thomas Brinkmann with a custom-built two-arm turntable, which revealed previously unnoticed depths in the sound. “I slowed down the speed of the record and used the left pickup arm for the left channel, and the right pickup arm for the right channel,” wrote Brinkmann in the original liner notes. “It was a scientific yet natural way of revealing the complexity of what was originally deemed minimal. It’s the same information they had before, but two times present. Like the idea of cloning and twins: still Richie’s DNA with a little mutation. A different groove.”

Both ‘Concept 1’ and ‘Concept 96:VR’ will be reissued in a limited edition 2CD set, remastered by Stefan Betke from Scape. ”

Download from RapidShare:


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